Healthy-Fit Bod challenge Day 14

Two weeks already! Damn! I should remember to take advantage of each second that goes by and by that I don´t mean to DO stuff all the time but to fully live even if it is in stillness and silence. That´s a nice way to spend time. Well that AND being GRATEFUL. Happy Thanksgiving y´all!


Ok back to business, I found this cool workout on… shit I forgot but I just found it on Pinterest and here case you were wondering.

I liked this one cause it´s all with you body weight and it´s only 15 minutes long. Perfect for a morning pre-shower workout!

My meals of the day were:

– Usual smoothie and coffee

– Nice salad with salmon and a couple of boiled eggs topped with yogurt protein dressing and delicious avo

– Bowl of beans and fresh cheese

– A couple of Bliss Balls

– Another cup of coffee with cinnamon and nutmeg

– An apple

We don´t do Thanksgiving dinner here and I had to work until late today but still I was thinking about being thankful for all I´ve got, even my problems because they are gonna make me stronger and smarter.

Be thankful for all the obstacles in your life ´cause if you take the challenge you are gonna come out of that a better person, plus you are going to be closer to your goals.

Happy day/night beautiful people!

Thank you ❤


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