Veggie burger for one!

Hello beautiful people, today I made some veggie patties ´cause I was feeling like having a nice vegetarian meal. I found this recipe at really cool place for healthy recipes and stuff.

Well I made this patties with:

-1 cup of cooked beans (you can use canned beans and then rinse them)

-1 grated carrot

-2 cups chopped spinach

-1 cup chopped onion

-Salt and pepper to taste

Then smash the beans into a paste and add the rest of the ingredients. Blend it all and form patty burgers with your hands.

photo 2(6)

Put a pan over medium high heat and cook the patties. I didn´t use anything to cook the patties, just the heated pan. Mine took about 3 minutes each side.

photo 1(6)This was my first time trying out this recipe but I think they turned out great. They were very tasty. I ate them just as they are with some avo and fresh cheese on the top. Yumm.

Munch on people!



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