Instant perfection

photo 2(1)

This is my perfect cup of coffee. I have a cup every day, every morning or whenever I can. I wish I could have coffee all day long but it makes me all wiry and crazier than I already am, so I just do one a day 🙂

Back in LA I used to have a french press and I had this heavenly Puerto Rican ground coffee. Here I haven´t bought a french press or ground coffe yet, so in the mean time I do instant coffee and I love it.

So my perfect cup of instant coffee would be:

1 tbsp Nescafe

A dash of ground cinnamon (you can also add a dash of nutmeg if you want a more wintery flavor)

Half cup of hot water

Half cup of unsweetend almond milk

yumm yumm
yumm yumm

And voilá! A simple but delicious cup of coffee 🙂

What´s your perfect cup of coffee?



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