Sugar-free, Protein Nice-cream. Need more?


I decided to start up the weekend like a champ and that means lazing around while eating delicious AND super healthy food.

This is the first time I´ve tried this recipe and man, I rocked it. It´s so simple I can´t wait to share it with you so you try it at home, like NOW! Untitled design-3

Here´s what you´ll need:

– 4 to 5 frozen bananas (cut them up in small pieces and put them in any container of your chioce. I used a plastic container, but you can also use ziploc bags. Then freeze overnight)

– 1 cup of plain yogurt (I didn´t use greek yogurt because I wanted a more creamy, not so thick consistency)

– 4 pitted dates, soaked overnight

– cinnamon and nutmeg to taste

If you have a food processor then you are a blessed human being. Mine is broken so I used a normal blender putting inside small batches of all the ingredients. Blend until smooth creamy consistency shows up and bam!

Untitled design-4Healthy supplies for the weekend!

Love, peace and lots of nice-cream to you ❤


    • Yup, but you should take it out of the freezer like 10-15 min before you’re planning to make your nice cream so it’s easier to handle and freeze the ingredients in a plastic bag. That will make it easier to handle too 🙂 Or you can always freeze them separately 😉

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