Sugar-free Overnight Breakfast Parfait

Hello y´all!

We all need to start up the day like a champion and that means we have to have a champion´s breakfast.

This breakfast parfait is perfect for the job because it´s packed with protein, probiotics, healthy fats from nuts and seeds, fresh fruit and spices. Tasty, huh? Lets get to it.

All the amounts of the ingredients will be to your consideration, depending on the size and how many layers you want to put in your parfait.

You´ll need:

– Almonds and walnuts

– Sunflower seeds, chia seeds and flaxseeds

– Diced apple, banana and pitted dates

– Plain greek yogurt

– Cinnamon and nutmeg

– One glass cup or jar (I used a glass jar so I could seal it up and store it in the frigdge overnight)

Take your cup or jar and start up with a layer of greek yogurt, then add small amounts of all the ingredients above and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Add another layer of yogurt. Make sure you evenly cover the previous layer.

Repeat this processs and finish it up with a layer of yogurt. On top of mine I sprinkled some chopped pitted dates and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg.

IMG_2270Put it in your fridge and let it rest overnight so the yogurt soak up all the flavors and the nuts and seeds moistens and softens. And shazam!

IMG_2272You just got yourself a super healthy breakfast parfait for champions.

Hope you liked this recipe. Let me know what other ingredients you used for your parfaits and what other breakfast for champions you have in the morning… or at night. Always love having breakfast for dinner!

IMG_2273Love and peace ❤


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