Anti-inflammatory Protein Smoothie

Hello awesome people!

I wanna share with you this cool recipe. It´s a very filling smoothie and great if you ate too much the day before, plus it´s packed with healthy natural protein and probiotics. A win-win for your gut 🙂

So here´s what you´ll need:

-1 cup diced pineapple

-1 cup diced papaya

-1 celery stick

-1 cup plain greek yogurt

-as much water as you need for the consistency you like

-3 pitted dates for sweetness (optional)

IMG_2235Blend all the ingredients and bam! A super tasty and healthy anti-inflammatory protein smoothie to go!

IMG_2236What are your favorite protein smoothies? Let me know in the comments 😉

Have an awesome day filled up with protein, love and peace.



  1. My favorite is apple, celery and carrot with bit of yogurt. But I shall try this one, because of my surgery it been rather painful and anti-inflammatory things really help

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