The NAVY SEAL attitude

I´m writing this to remind you and myself that we will not even think about quitting on our dreams. Whatever they may be, we must go on. If we failed once or twice or a whole lot more than that you still won´t quit.


I tend to give up pretty quickly. When things get nasty I can still go on but when things get REAL nasty they make you think it´s impossible, whenever I get to that breaking point that´s where I give up. Then I realize it would have been worth it…

I´ve seen this pattern over and over for some years and now I´m fully aware of it. And now I´m fully commiting myself to stick to my dreams next time I hit that breaking point.

It´s so easy to give up, but you know what? It´s as easy to choose YOU instead and GO ON!

That´s an amazing realization.

Now just focus on your goals and go. Do it the Navy SEAL way, don´t even let yourself THINK of quitting. Quitting is NOT an OPTION, which makes it even easier. I don´t mean it will be less tough, I mean we won´t have to waste time in deciding, because we already have made a decision: to be true to ourselves and make our dreams come true.

So remember, awesome readers, we will not quit. We will push beyond that breaking point, there´s no other choice. And one we´re there, living our dreams, we´ll know it was completely worth it.

In the mean time, one step at a time, always FOCUS and enjoy the ride.

Thanks ❤



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