Relax, you can always change your mind


Hello beautiful people.

So, today I just wanted to remind you that it´s ok to change your mind, it´s ok to be flexible. It´s ok to fuck up.

Sometimes we think stuff and we believe that that´s the ultimate truth or the only way to go but no. Let me remind you that life has endless possibilities, let it surprise you, yet always be prepared and ready.

One more thing, if you change your mind about something do it because that´s what YOU want or need, but do it because of YOU.

A good tip to decipher whether you´re doing something for yourself or not is to be still and quiet for a moment, in a meditative state. Don´t evaluate anything, just be.

Now take a deep breath. Then another. Just be for a moment.

Then ask yourself, if there were no one else to tell about my new decision and no one could give an opinion about it, what would I do? Then make that decision and give a fuck about what others think or say about it.

Lets learn to give a fuck about people´s opinions about our shit.

This one is a hard one for me, because I tend to try too hard not to bother people with my life, or change their perception about me but it just got to a point where I can´t pay that much attention to other people´s minds anymore, I need to FOCUS on my shit regardless of what others may think.

So all I´m saying is don´t be afraid to change your mind about anything in your lives, they are YOUR LIVES anyway, so you should always look for what´s best for YOU.

And remember, every journey and process is different. What works for someone else may not work for you so FOCUS on YOURSELF, do your shit and live your life they way you always wanted to.

Thank you awesome people! Have a great week!

Peace and love always ❤



  1. Great post! I know i keep changing my mind with what i want to do with my life (hobby,career,etc.). I used to tell my friends or family whenever i have a new “plan”, some of them roll their eyes and think that i’m a joke. I used to be so concern about what they think and end up not pursuing it or i get insecure. but now i’m gettong older and wiser, those stuff don’t really bother me anymore. We are in control of our life, we are in control of what makes us happy and what makes us sad.

    • You are completely right. And you know what? I bet those previous plans you had before have tought you a lot. So yes, now you are wiser. Most of the time, in life, you have to be wrong just so you know what is right for you.
      I’m very glad you liked the post and thx for stopping by and read 🙂
      And remember, you are the one living your life, so fuck everybody elses opinion 😉
      Have a cool day, awesome Pauline!

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