I need my fix


Stop needing shit.

I´ve mentioned this beggar story before on this Blog and lately I´ve been acting like him. I´ve been needy with my friends, my family… I´ve been needy with myself. And I hate it.

Ever since I decided to take my career to a whole new level my head started to fill up with nonsense, mostly fear that has taken up on me and I must stop that now.

Now… The present moment which I often forget about, but it´s ok. The past is gone, it is not who you are. It may contribute to your present situation but it doesn´t define you. Neither your goals or dreams.

The future doesn´t really exists, it is only a projection of your mind. And it´s ok to have a plan and goals and dreams, just remember that they are only that and not you, they are a guide and it is very likely that they will change or evolve. Know that nothing ever stays the same.

And most importantly, remember that you are here, right now and just because you aren´t where you would like to be you shouldn´t enjoy this moment. This moment is all you have and all you will ever have so be aware of it, taste it and enjoy it with all your senses. Don´t think about it, live it.

I wish you all a great week and an awesome year, but mostly, I wish you all a peaceful present moment.

Thanks ❤



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