Some end of the year perspective

The end of this year is here and that can be overwhelming for some people. I tend to think of all the things I didn´t accomplish and the dreams I want to bring to life. It´s a very mixed-up feeling between melancholy, fear, excitement and gratitude.

Instead of going over stuff that didn´t happen maybe we should go over the things that did happen. I know, shit happens and not everything this past year was “good” but there´s always something you´re gaining when you lose something.

Make some effort and find the opportunities in your problems, what did you learn this past year? what did you gain? what did you accomplish?

Remember, always FOCUS on the gentle, generous side of life. There is one, I promise, even in the midst of crappy situations.

So look for all the gains in your loses, you may surprise yourself.

To put some more perspective into things I wanna share with you this cool infograhic I found in this interesting website:

lost in life

So yes, it´s good to wander around, just don´t ever dwell. Move on. Live YOUR life and always ALWAYS FUCK UP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, you´ll never know what will you gain with that loss.

I wish you all a cool and peaceful 2015 full with love and new adventures!

Thank you awesome people ❤



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