Healthy-Fit Bod challenge days 26-29. Done… and done.

Today was my very last day of this challenge. I must be honest, I thought it was gonna be easier but no. Still, it was very much worth it. I learned a lot of shit about myself. It may sound cliché but I did. And I got stronger muscles and lost like a couple of pounds which is great!

But first things first. My last 2 workouts were awesome! I wanted to end great and what better way to do it than with Neila Rey.

I have a HIIT pdf that I downloaded from her website. It has 30 hiit routines and I went for days 28-29 for my last challenge workouts.

HFBday28 HFBday29For both workouts I used the time set for my 12 minute Athlete workouts, which is 18 rounds of 30 seconds each exercise with 10 seconds rest. Nice way to finish up this challenge. My legs are sore from yesterday and I bet my abs are gonna feel the same tomorrow.

Days 26 and 27 were my rest days which are working awesome for my body to recover.

Ok now the good stuff: what I learned during this challenge?

I know now that I want to simplify my life more. I used to be a calorie freak and a time freak when it came to eating small meals during the day and all that jazz we all know. But none of those lifestyles were making me happy. I´d lost some weight at first but then I´d feel super hungry and thinking about food and meals and shit all the time. Not my cup of tea.

So I started listening to my body more. It´s weird at first but it gets easier with time and practice. Now I´m more like eating when I´m genuinely hungry (I still have my set backs but not as often as I used to), and when I eat I try to feel what my body really needs and wants instead of only listening to superficial cravings.

I still plan ahead. I try to have plenty of good stuff in the kitchen (veggies, hummus, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, etc). Being prepared is half the battle, so make sure you are around good, natural stuff all the time.


I´m still learning about not feeling guilty whenever I eat processed food. But I´m being patient with myself which is another great lesson I learned. Humility and patience have been my hardest lessons but I know they are worth mastering. So take every problem in your life and look for the oportunity; what can you learn from this? How can you improve yourself after this situation?

This is a hard one, because getting carried away with the emotional side of having problems is the easiest answer, but not the best. So don´t over think it and just look for the opportunity, always. Trust me, there´s an opportunity there and if you take it, it´s gonna make you a better human being. It is worth it.

And finally the last lesson I learned was maybe the most important one for me right now. I´m changing my entire mindset about fitness and health. I´m no longer looking forward to loosing weight and to have a hot bod. I´m thinking more about having a lifestyle that takes care of my body because I will have this body until I die and I want to feel content in it.

I´m focusing more on practising sustainable habits that are going to take care of my physical, emotional and mental health for the rest of my life. I´m done with looking hot for a cuple of months feeling anxious and afraid of food all the time. I want to live a peaceful life in a happy body and mind.

It´s all about listening to yourself more, of BEING with yourself more, of RESPECTING yourself. It´s all about taking real good care of yourself as if you were taking care of someone you truly love. It´s about discovering how to LOVE yourself and ENJOYING your body, mind and spirit the way we are meant to.


I´m very glad I did this and I am very thankful for having you around during this challenge. I guess there´s nothing left to say but THANK YOU awesome people and stick around because there´s more to come!

Peace and Love always ❤

P.S. I highly recomment this website for great articles on how to get sustainable healthy habits, or on how to stop binge eating (this one was very helpful for me!!!) and more cool shit.


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