Healthy-Fit Bod challenge Days 24-25

How did you all start up your weeks? I started up mine with a couple of HIIT´s. The first one I did on Sunday and the second one today. Enjoy!

Sunda-funday workout
Monday workout

I am starting to love the 12 minute Athlete HIIT workouts. This girl has really short and powerful routines you should check out if you´re into short and sweet workouts.

My meals have been the same as previous days. The only difference is that this time I decided to prepare better so I cooked a whole lot of veggies for the week. Check this out:

Veggies for the week. Prepare your veggies in bulk so you have plenty for the week. #veggies #healthy #fitness #diet #food #foodie #foodpornI kinda went veggie crazy this week cause I made some roasted veggies plus this ones that I cooked on a pan with anything else but a little bit of salt. I think that it´s so much easier when you have cooked or ready-to-eat veggies in the fridge waiting for you.

I´m just trying to keep it simple and to listen to my body more. Well, that´s it for today.

Remember to keep present and grateful. I wish you all an awesome, beautiful week.

Thank you ❤


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