Healthy-Fit Bod challenge Days 22-23

Yesterday I didn´t workout but today I did. I found this nice cardio thingy that I loved. I just played “Single ladies” (you can never go wrong with Queen B when working out) on my lap and bam! Cardio was on baby!

HFBday23My meals have been pretty much the same as the previous days.

I´ve noticed I´ve had more sugary cravings, but maybe that´s just the season. Still I´m taking it easy and reshaping slowly my mindset about the whole fitness thing.

I want to live a balanced, harmonious life instead of just looking hot. I want to be able to sustain for the rest of my life my healthy habits so I´m just experimenting for now, well… who isn´t?

All life is an experiment Quotes

I wish you all a great day/night and I seriously want to thank you for keeping me company during my almost over challenge.

But this isn´t over yet, so more awesome workouts are coming 😉

Thank you ❤


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