Healthy-Fit Bod challenge Day 11

Times flies indeed!

Today was a quiet day. Had a lot of planning and reading to do. My beautiful morning routine was a very still and quiet one. Decided to meditate to start fresh. In case you´re wondering about meditation, here are a few benefits of practicing it:

Meditation… Why you need to do itI took this pic from this website:

Still I plan on pushing it more with the exercise this week. I´ll keep you posted and up to date with the exercise routines.

Ok, the meals of the day were:

– Usual smoothie and coffee

– A couple of truly delicious sugar-free chocolate Bliss Balls. For recipe go here

– Roasted veggies (recipe coming up!) with tuna, a little bit of fresh cheese, greek yogurt dressing (recipe coming up soon too!) and some brown rice – yumm!

– A cup of awesome green tea with a wedge of lemon and a couple of slices of ginger

This challenge has been quite slow in general but steady and I´m glad about that. One step at a time with PATIENCE and LOVE.

Have a beautiful week, beautiful people! Thank you ❤


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