Healthy-Fit Bod challenge days 9-10

Today it´s a 2-day combo (I had to work until late last night).

I´m very excited to share with you my Killer-Ab Saturday morning routine. It was just great and of course it´s by Neila Rey:

HFBday9I did the Level I version which is 3 sets and my usual 15 burpee warm-up. This was a good one to get all sweaty right before jumping into the shower.

Ok, now my meals of the day:

– Usual smoothie and coffee

– Raw veggie salad with hard boiled egg

– 1 mexican chicken tostada and 1 mexican beef tostada with letuce and fresh cheese

– A few oatmeal with chocolate chips cookies

For today (Sunday-Funday) I decided to stay in bed and recharge. Skipped my morning meditation so I´ll meditate before bed.

My meals of today were:

– Usual smoothie and coffee

– Raw veggie salad with chicken and potatoes

– A bowl of good ol´ lentils

– A handful of salted cashews

– Maybe not so healthy but I enjoyed it very much: One small slice of chocolate cake with a couple of scoops of ice cream and 2 chocolate Bliss Balls (for recipe of yummy chocolate sugar-free Bliss Balls go here)

Some final thoughts on my first week of the challenge:

It´s been great that I´ve been able to stick with the exercise routines and I´ve always loved healthy food altogether.

I just need to work through my not so healthy feelings of guilt whenever I eat something not healthy.

Great news on the other hand, I haven´t binged the way I used to.

Have been listening to my body more, so I´m more aware of my real needs.

I´m building a healthier relationship with food.

I know I´m making progress, its just taking some time. But hey, Rome wasn´t built in a day.

PATIENCE and LOVE always. Thank you ❤

Have a great night/day cool people!



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