Healthy-Fit Bod challenge Day 8

I´m gonna share with you a great exercise routine I did this morning.

HFBday8This Fit girls guide are just awesome with their Pinterest pins and routine´s names and stuff.

I warmed up with 15 burpees and did 50 times each exercise. I started the day ready to go 🙂

My meals of the day were:

– Usual smoothie and coffee

– A couple of hard boiled eggs

– Some nuts and raisins

– Chicken with potatoes in green tomato sauce with avo

– Lentils and fresh cheese

– Green tea with a couple of slices of ginger and lemon (great for fall!)

– Some more nuts and raisins ( I think I need to cut in half the dried fruits and nuts intake, I´ll figure it out)

Done and done.

Enjoy your weekend cool people! Thank you ❤


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