You are in point A and want to get to point B. Sounds simple but it´s not. Shit happens. Welcome to the jungle, people. We´re all in this together.

No fear. No distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.

It may seem that for some people the good life just happens, well let me tell you that you are looking at the wrong thing. You should be looking at point B instead of wandering about other people´s lives.

We tend to rummage through anything but our goals. We get distracted so easily. Not just social media or tv or whatever. We get distracted so fast in our own thoughts we don´t even realize it.  It´s frustrating, I know, but instead of building on that frustration you should just keep looking at point B and that´s it.

Attention or the ability to focus is a muscle that we don´t work out but just because we´re not used to. And that can be fixed. We just need to BE AWARE of that lack of attention so you get your attention back. Life´s a paradox. When you have your attention back put it in your goals and also put it in the present moment.

It´s ok to focus on whatever you want to achieve in life but you´re not gonna enjoy the ride nor the destination if you don´t LIVE the moment.

So simple and not at the same time. Well, instead of going through the ironies of life lets just focus. Right now.

Enjoy the weekend cool people. Thank you ❤



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