Healthy-Fit Bod challenge Day 7

Fisrt week and I already feel awesome! This is the first time I stick up to a healthy lifestyle program I actually feel good in. I don´t feel hungry or angry or anxious. AND I´m not dying of exhaustion because of the crazy exercise. I´m just taking my time and going to my own pace. And I like it.

So I wanted to do some cardio, anything crazy but it made me sweat before jumping into the shower. Now, that´s a nice way to start the day. Beach Body Blast routine from Fitgirlsguide on Pinterest! These girls rock!

HFBday6I warmed up with 15 burpees and 15 jumping jacks. Took a minute pause and tackled the routine! One rep was enough for me.

My meals of the day were:

– Usual delish smoothie and coffee

– A handful of my super crispy and tasty Apple with Cinnamon Chips. You can get the recipe here

– Some lentils and fresh cheese

– Tuna salad with steamed veggies and avo

– A handful of nuts and raisins

–  An orange and some green seedless grapes

– Some chicken with potatoes in green tomato sauce (yummm)

– One hard boiled egg

– Hot coco with almond milk (sugar free stuff)

Done and done. Can´t wait to keep up with the good work!

Have a happy night/day y´all! Thank you ❤


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