Healthy-Fit Bod challenge Day 6

Hello cool people. Today I woke up and my body was begging for stillness, so I listened. It´s kinda tricky to listen to your own body. We´re so used to the mind and external stimuli that we believe (with feelings and thoughts) we want or need something when we actually don´t.

Meditation-quote-David-LynchIt takes some time to learn how to listen to your own body. Just be PATIENT and STILL. Then you´ll learn your body´s language, which is a beautiful thing.

I meditate everyday. In the morning I do the Oprah & Deepak 21-day meditation experience everytime there´s one going on (it makes my day to hear Oprah´s cool thoughts about each day´s meditation) and I meditate for 10 minutes at night.

oprah-deepakToday my body needed to be still so I payed special attention to my morning meditation and it worked. It gave me lots of energy and peace of mind and who doesn´t want that everyday?

My meals of the day were:

– Usual morning smoothie and coffee

– An apple

-Delicious tuna salad with steamed veggies and avo

– Lentils and fresh cheese (yummmm)

-And to wrap up the day I had a handful of delicious apple chips I just baked (sugar free) – stay tuned for recipe

Done and done!

Enjoy your night/day and start listening to your body. Trust me, magic will start to happen.

Let me know if you have questions or just wanna share anything about meditation, healthy lifestyle, etc.

Love and peace awesome people. Thanks. ❤



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