Crispy Apple with Cinnamon Chips (Damn, they´re good!)

Hello beautiful people! I have a super easy and delish – like you have no idea – recipe I want to share with you.

I love sweets and crispy stuff, and since I was in a baking mood I decided to make a healthy, sugar free treat for the Holidays: Crispy Apple with Cinnamon Chips.

Since I was experimenting I used one apple for a small electric oven, but you can go for a bigger badge for a normal size oven.

You´ll only need:

– An apple (or more if you decide to use a normal size oven)

– Ground cinnamon

– Stevia (for one apple you´ll need less than a packet!)

Now lets bake it baby!

Thinly slice the apple (I used a mandoline), put the slices on a plate evenly distributed and sprinkle some cinnamon over them and a very microscopic amount of stevia. Don´t put too much of it so you don´t overpower the natual apple and cinnamon flavor.

I burnt half of my fist badge but the good half was awesome and the smell, man! The second badge was just perfection.

So if you don´t want to end up with deliciously scented pieces of charcoal, you´ll need to bake this beauties at 120 ºC/248 ºF for 2 hours.

To make the job easier I distributed the slices on wire baking racks, like this one

wire rack

I didn´t put  anything to the rack, just the slices. They didn´t stick or anything. These are the chips half way through:

photoAnd this is the final result

photo 2(11)photo 4(6)There you go, a really healthy snack to enjoy the Holidays without those evil sugar spikes or anything.

Happy baking awesome people! Thanks ❤



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