Healthy-Fit Bod challenge Day 3

Sunday-Funday people! Serious bussiness. This was my exercise routine today:HFBday3I had a crazy week and my body needed the rest so I listened to my body and it was awesome.

On the meals side it wasn´t as blissful as I wished. I had:

-My usual breakfast smoothie and cup of coffee with almond milk (unsweetened)

-For lunch I made a delicious omelet with onion and tomatoes, fresh cheese and a couple of tortillas

-A raw veggie salad with some beans and rice

-Lots of dried cranberries (I know I have to quit on those cause they have a lot of sugar)

-Speaking of sugar, I was craving for something sweet and I gave in. So I had a nice huge plate with cornflakes, strawberry jam and soy milk. But when the excitement was over it stopped tasting good. That was just too much sugar for me.

This means I need to plan my meals ahead and I need to go back to my raw, sugar-free, healthy desserts.

Have a fantastic day/night! Peace and Love ❤



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