Healthy-Fit Bod challenge Day 1

Hey y´all!

Day 1 was fine. I´ll share my morning exercise routine with you:

HFBday1I´ve been following Fitgirlsguide on Instagram for a while now cause I love their pis, so I checked out their website and then their Pinterest and this is where I found this routine.

I did 2 repetitions of this one and it was great to wake up.

My meals through the day were:

-Breakfast smoothie and coffee with almond milk (unsweetened)

-An apple, some cashews and raisins

-One tuna burger –just the patty–, salad, some beans and rice (delish)

-Some dried cranberries

-An awesome chocolate/banana smoothie (I have to make a post out of this one)

-Lots and lots of water

Done and done, people. Happy Friday!


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