PATIENCE is the new black

I suck at being patient. I want everything the moment I think about it. Yeah man, Harry Potter style: swish and flick that wand and BAM! But the universe doesn´t work like that.

It has taken the universe BILLIONS of years of energy and motion and stardust and shit for you to EXIST. And you my friend, are PERFECTION. You are an extraordinary living machine that has the ability to think and feel and to be AWARE of your thinking and feeling.

I had a shitty day today and I was about to give up on many things. Then I remembered that difficult things help me grow. And that Rome wasn´t built in one day.


So I wanted to remind you too, to be patient with your dreams, with yourself, with life. You have to fail in order to succeed. So fuck up as much as you can, as I´ve said before, focus in the present moment and know that everything is already ok. Know that your dreams are just a couple of fuck ups away.

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Have a great night/day, beautiful people.




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