Challenge Accepted

This is a new category with the main purpose of holding myself accountable for my challenges in life, mainly fitness related.

(I already did a No added sugar Challenge before but it is in the CHIMICHANGA category, you can check it out)

I love eating healthy but I´m just not that into exercising very much. And since I want to have a nice healthy bod I decided I´d start a 1 month FITNESS CHALLENGE.


And this time I´m gonna do it the healthy way (I´ve done this type of challenges before but doing fad diets or over exercising which only made me very hungry and really angry).

So tomorrow I´ll start my Healthy-Fit Bod challenge. It´ll consist of 29 days of healthy eating, exercising 5-6 days a week, I´ll try to meditate everyday too and enjoy the ride.

I´ll post my exercise routines and meals. If you wanna join or share tips, please do! Your comments are welcome!

Wish me good luck beautiful people! Thank you ❤



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