PEACE is the new HAPPY

I´ve already talked about how, in my humble opinion, Happiness is overrated and why Pleasure is ripping you off. I´ve concluded that happiness is only a finite feeling that gives you pleasure and you shouldn´t put all your hopes into whatever makes you feel happy.

Today I want to bring you a different perspective. Instead of looking for happiness I invite you to experience peace. Peace isn´t a feeling, it is a state of being. You can feel happy or sad and still be at peace with yourself. And the best part is that you don´t have to look for peace because it already lives within you.

Yeah-right-First of all you must be aware that you talk to yourself ALL the time. You´re always going over your day or the next five years or your past on your head. You are asking yourself how come you´re in the shitty place you´re right now and why you´ll never meet your goals. Or you´re motivating yourself and planning all the time how you´ll meet your goals in the 34 of Neveruary and then you don´t do the work cause you spent 25 hours in Facebook or Instagramming you cat´s funny pics or whatever.

My point is: our minds love to keep ourselves busy by doing nothing productive. On the contrary, all that negative noise produces nothing else but feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, etc. And so we end up living an angry, anxious, depressing life with peaks of happiness that make us feel worse once the rush is over. Yes, like evil sugar.

Well we have options people! We can shut up all that noise in our heads and start living in peace. It is so simple but the shift is so radical that people prefer to just go with the world´s madness and be “normal”.

Trust me, it´s not like you´re gonna be like a vegetable with no mind or thoughts. You don´t have to become a monk (although using those cute robes would be a lot of fun). You´ll be able to use your mind ONLY when necessary instead of being manipulated by it.

Yes, life will throw you a couple of sad moments and happy moments too. Enjoy them and let them go when they´re over. Don´t stick with them. Be open to the new stuff the universe is always giving you.

I´m working on this too and trust me, it is no easy task. It requires practice and a lot of love. But whenever I get to enter this awesome place that is the present moment (by meditation or just focusing on whatever it is I´m doing without thinking about it), everything is ok and I know that I have all the answers. I just have to be quiet and still and listen to myself, to the universe, and BE.

I wish you all a peaceful week, awesome people!




  1. I love this post and how you ‘simply’ explain things, great… thanks for introducing yourself on my blog… IAM sure we are going to be great friends here and enjoy each others journey… Barbara

  2. Thanks for following my blog. I’m sure you think you are on the right path to peace but I can assure you, you are not. Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Massages, etc. etc. etc. are all totally temporary “fixes.” Real inner peace will never come through these superficial means. Despite what you’ve been told by feminist academia, secular culture and your girlfriends, inner peace is ONLY attainable through your belief in, and love for, Jesus and the Bible. I hope you will try to rediscover your faith. It will bring with it, not only permanent peace of mind, but all of the answers to life’s most conflicting, and confusing, dilemmas. God bless and good luck on your life’s journey.

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