What is the KEY to SUCCESS and where the hell is it?!

The answer is so simple that it doesn´t even seem real.


The key to success is ATTENTION and it is WITHIN YOU. There is this cool story that I found on Eckhart Tolle´s book The Power of Now. You can see the story here.

This story basically says that everything you want, all the wealth you are looking for is already within yourself, you just have to open your eyes and see it. But what in the hell does that mean?

It means that on a daily basis your attention is in the wrong place: in your problems, in what would happen if…, in the past and what you wish wouldn´t had happened, etc. To open your eyes means to stop focusing on that crap and start focusing in the present moment, which is all we really have to work with. Being in the present moment brings clarity to your mind and body and brings you SPACE to maneuver and to make the right decisions.

Being in the present moment is being on the “flow” or in the “zone” as some artists, scientists and athletes call it when they are performing at their best or have major breakthroughs.

You can train your ability to stay focused in the present moment with meditation. To meditate means to stay alert, aware of this instant that is the now. Thinking isn´t necessary to meditate, you just have to BE here and now. And when you start getting used to live your life without that mental clutter, creativity will emerge from within in all kinds of forms and you´ll know how to work with that. Nobody else will know, except you. Trust yourself on this one.

It´s like nature, nature doesn´t sit to think and worry about how it´s gonna make things work, it just IS. We should take a look around us more often and learn from nature. And you know the best part? That wisdom that lives within nature is within yourself too because you are too part of nature.


So the key to success is focusing YOUR attention in the present moment and let the universe flow through you. Sounds very trippy, I know, but trust me, the most succesful people have been there and have thriven. Are you willing to thrive too?

Enjoy every step of your process, awesome people!




  1. wow! magnificent, tremendous. This is quite fascinating. I really concur with all you said, key to success lies in, Hardwork, diligence,Tenacity and doggedness. well! I was on my journey to get my key of Success, and I think I have found it already,but it came in a bunch. The question is are you ready to look for your key to success?

    Nice write up, I think everyone must learn from this.

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