PLEASURE is ripping you off


Yes; that tricky little bastard that makes you think you´ll be “unconditionally” happy and indestructible is ripping you off. It only takes a few seconds of physical and mental bliss (a nice cocktail of brain chemicals that makes you feel funny) and that sucker can sell us ANYTHING. Now that´s a true a salesman!

Pleasure is everywhere. When we learn something knew, when we have an orgasm, when we hope… and it´s not a bad thing if you just accept it as a nice feeling that has a beginning and an end. And remember, whatever gives you pleasure does NOT DEFINE YOU.

It gets messed up when we THINK that THAT is going to make us HAPPY and COMPLETE and if we get more of that (a job, fame, a nice body, cocaine, a degree, etc.) then we´ll become supermen and nothing will ever destroy us or make us feel bad. That´s how addictions start. Actually I bet that a rough 99% of humanity are addicts. People get hooked up on anything that makes them FEEL good no matter if it just lasts a few seconds.

All I´m saying is before you look outward for completeness, take a look inside. You already have all it takes to be at peace with yourself. You don´t need anything or anyone else to be ok. Never put all your hopes on something or someone because it is always going to let you down. Instead, play with life but remain within yourself.

Be at peace with life by living in the present moment. I know it is easier said than done, but you know something? Nothing is impossible. Give it a try and let me know what happens.

Love and gratitude, awesome people!

This guy Roger Corman (father of independent cinema) totally rules!
This guy Roger Corman (father of independent cinema) totally rules!


  1. I’ve always thought that the main issue people have is that they are worried about feeling good enough..aka A Loser.

    For most of us, life can really only be so bad until you start comparing yourself to other people or to what you think you need to be.

    But ya, something so seemingly easy can be so difficult.

    • Completely agreed. And we can only be free of our mind´s crap the old way: practice. Seconds and then minutes a day of present moment awareness (meditation, no mind moments) help a lot!

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