Guacamole + Hummus = Guacamummus? Plus, what to do when your blender decides to bail on you in the middle of the process

I love guacamole (for the ones who don´t know, it´s a mix of avocado, finely chopped onion, tomato, cilantro leaves and lemon. Yummmm) and I´ve been craving hummus for a while so I decided to combine them and create a delicious monster. The real adventure began when I was mixing the whole thing up and my dear blender decided to stop working.

But first things first. I was looking for recipes on the web and I found this awesome blog, where I got the recipe from:

My version is slightly different. My ingredients are:

photo 4(5)photo 3(7)

-1 can of chickpeas drained

-2 medium avocados

-5 tbsp olive oil

-2 tbsp sesame seeds

-the juice of one lemon

-1 clove of garlic peeled

-salt and pepper to taste

Then you are supposed to put everything except the avos in your food processor. I don´t have one so I used a blender. And as I´ve said above, it decided to stop working.

After sheding a couple of tears of despair (yeah, I´m sensitive today) I remembered that I had a molcajete, which is like a mortar. In México we use them to blend spices, to make sauces and now in this case some guacamummus. My molcajete is quite small but still I managed to finish the job.

Working with a molcajete is a real workout, so that´s a plus.
Working with a molcajete is a real bicep workout, so that´s a plus.

I thought it was gonna be awful because of the chunky consistency, but on the contrary, it ended up being really tasty.

Guacamummus served in the typical Mexican way.
Guacamummus served in the typical Mexican way.

If you want your guacamummus really creamy then blend everything except the avos for a couple of minutes. Then add the avos and blend for another couple of minutes. You can have this with almost anything you want like tortilla chips, veggies, I even spread the guacamummus on a sandwich bread as if it were mayo and it works great.

So there you go beautiful people, guacamummus! Super healthy and delish!

And now I´m quite excited cause I get to go shopping for a nice food processor 😉

Have a great week, and remember don´t despair. There´s always a solution right around the corner, you just have to keep walking.

Thank you!



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