The content of your life is not important. Neither is mine.

It´s very easy to get carried away with the whole shenanigan life can sometimes be. And we tend to take that shit very seriously. We live life as if we´ll literally horribly die or get insanely punished if we don´t get on time to our jobs or if we don´t get a Degree, or even if we don´t park our cars near the entrance. We suffer.

Humanity´s motto. But not for long.
Humanity´s motto. Not for long.

Well, we are not the centre of the universe and so our problems are not the only most terrible problems in the entire realm of existence. In fact, we as the human race, are not that big of a deal. We just came to exist (as the Homo-Sapiens) around 150,000 years ago but that´s nothing compared to the THOUSANDS of MILLIONS of years of stardust and energy and space stuff coming together expanding and moving and being since the Big Bang.

sheldon-cooper-quotes-funny-big bang

So next time you´re desperately waiting in line or about to rip someone´s head off because you´re stuck in traffic and you wanna get home so you can watch your favorite show or maybe you´re at the hospital seriously ill, or you´re sad because someone close to you died, I don´t know, the combinations are endless, next time you feel hopeless, think about the universe and know that you are just a little tinny pretty speck of dust living in the middle of infinity. And at the same time that infinity lives in you and me and all of us, so nothing´s really lost. Life is just life. You are the universe and patience, though hard to achieve sometimes, is bliss.

Uranus is blue!
Uranus is blue!

So don´t be so hard on yourself. Change your perspective every once in a while and realize that there´s life outside yourself and your problems. And it´s been existing for quite a long time now, you shoud live it.

Thank you beautiful people.



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