No added sugar challenge last day. Done… and done.


I made it! I didn´t think I was going to be able since I had a severe sugar addiction. I still have some cravings of course but I get by with healthier stuff that actually fills me up or I just try to focus on whatever it is that I was doing. It´s no easy task but it´s 100% doable and I recommend you go for it.

I decided I´m gonna keep on this track. I don´t wanna go back to the crazyness of being a sugar slave. I´m free!

So that´s it. Awesome challenge. Kudos to me.


Check out the movie Fed Up (2014) and hopefully you´ll see the insanity of the food industry we live in. You can get out of that and live a better life, trust me.

Thanks for reading this process. More challenges to come 😉

Have a beautiful week!

Thank you.



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