Just keep the fuck going!!!

almost-doneI´ve been on this trap plenty of times, oh yes I have. But enough is enough!

Remember that it´s all ok, you are not going to die if something goes wrong in your plans… well maybe you could, but even if you did, then that would have been it. You wouldn´t feel any more pain or suffering anymore.

In the universe nothing is never lost. It´s all energy transforming and moving all the time, you know? Which means that sometimes we´re distracted looking at something and thinking that that is all that exists or that will ever exist, but it´s not. Nothing is definite, everything is changing all the time. And we must change along with life if we don´t want to stay in the same place for the rest of our lives.

It´s all ok, man. If you mess up then yay!!!! That´s an indication that you´re moving towards your goal and it means that you´ve learned something new, which also means you´re closer to your objective. And sometimes we fuck it up so hard that we may think that that was it, game over. But as long as you´re still breathing this game is not over my friend. So get up, shake it up and move on. YOU CAN FUCKING DO IT!

And if you believe you can´t then I´ll be here to remind you consistently that that´s BS, because you´re breathing and alive, which means that you´re still on this game. So bring it on baby! Nike style, JUST FUCKING DO IT!

Happy day! happy night!




  1. Your post made me smile… especially the “Nike” reference, with the well-placed expletive. And the phrase “As long as you’re still breathing this game is not over, my friend.” I say something similar quite often. I tell people who are struggling: “Where there’s breath, there is hope.”
    I used that Nike reference in my book, when near the depths of my drug addiction, a friend asked me to run over his foot before I took him to the ER (to try to score pain med’s). I told him “No way,” at first. But he kept insisting that it wouldn’t hurt, but it would leave a mark and help us to get pain pills. Then he stepped out of the car, walked to the front, put his foot under the front passenger tire, and yelled out, “Just do it!!” I then wrote:
    I was feeling extremely uncomfortable with this maneuver, but I wanted some goddamn pills. I gingerly stepped on the gas and felt the tire meet the resistance of Mitch’s foot. I backed off in a panic. “I can’t do this, Mitch!” I yelled out to him.
    “Yes, you can!” He yelled back. “Just do it!” He shouted, making the famous Nike slogan from that point forward take on new meaning in my life.
    So I did. I ran over Mitch’s damn foot.

    And the story goes on from there…. Sorry, I digress once in a while… okay, semi-frequently… but that’s just how ‘my energy’ rolls, lol..

    Anyway, I loved your post! Keep the great energy flowing, and have a great week!


    • Wooow great story!!! It reminded me of Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now where he says how what we consider as “heroic” behaviour comes out from a no-mind state. Not that getting pain meds by running over your friend´s foot with your car is heroic from this human morality point of view but sometimes you have to do what you have to do lol. And now it occured to me, if you hadn´t lived that experience maybe you wouldn´t be where you are now, consciously speaking… but I think that´s another story.
      Thank you for stopping by! Have a cool week, man!

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