Attention is a muscle you´re not working out… yet

ltaldoraineThat´s right. Our attention is all over the place it´s embarrasing. Think about it, from the moment you wake up until you get your breakfast (I honestly hope you do eat breakfast, soldier) what is your mind thinking about? You wake up, next thing you know you´re sipping coffe or tea or whatever you have in the morning, but what happened in between? You were daydreaming and when you do that so often you don´t even know how the hell did you get to your job then you just became a zombie, a walking dead, a numbed one. Attention is a very powerful muscle when trained and used right. When you´re on zombie mode your mind is running you, but when you become aware of your attention and what do you use it for, then you, soldier, YOU ARE IN CHARGE. Wouldn´t it be great to be in charge of yourself? Well soldier, today is your lucky day, ´cause you´re about to start this awareness and consciousness bootcamp right now. Training attention is very simple, it just requires constant practice. Don´t binge on the exercises. Instead I recommend you take a few seconds or minutes few times a day and practice attention awareness. But first get on the floor and give me 50 push-ups! (I just love this Lieutenant thing) I do this exercise all the time, its goal is to put your attention in the present moment, as if you were expecting something to happen. If you think, let it happen, just don´t put your whole attention there. Your attention must be in the present moment and its wholeness. Look around you, BE wherever and whatever. Accept the fact that the mind is not always required, and right now we don´t need the mind. Your mind may tell you shit like “you can´t”, “this is not for you”, “this is impossible”, etc. It´s ok, that is the mind talking, that´s not you. You can listen but then take your attention back into the present moment. Do this for a few seconds or minutes and tell me how it went. Eckhart Tolle explains what is this place of present moment, what does it mean:

Alright soldier I hope this was somehow helpful, if it wasn´t let me know. Thank you, you´re dismissed.



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