Mistakes are proof that you are DOING

mistakes-proof-of-trying-motivational-quotesI like to think of mistakes as steps. In order to go where you want to go you have to move towards that destination, duh! Well it sounds pretty obvious, I know, and yet we still don´t do it. We know a lot of obvious and common sense stuff but we don´t live by that. Well that´s why I´m here, just to remind you that you have to get over yourself and FUCK UP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! Go ahead and do! Don´t try to do, DO. I´m gonna be all Nike here to remind you to JUST DO IT.

It´s ok if you make a mistake, that´s what mistakes are for. To get us closer to our goals. Take full advantage of any mistake you make in your live and you´ll be a rich person, trust me. No, I´m not talking just about money, I´m talking about knowledge, experiences, you know, LIFE.

Messing things up is the only way to get wherever you want to go. Ah! but there´s a catch…

watIf you think that your desired destination is gonna solve all your problems, then you´re wrong. You may get a high for a moment and then you´ll feel empty again. You must be at peace with yourself and the world so you can truly LIVE your journey, because ultimately, that journey is the main part of that destination.

So DO whatever it is that you love. And if you mess up celebrate because you are going to have something you didin´t have before and you are gonna be closer to your goal.

I wish you all a really cool night!



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