No added sugar challenge day 6

Shit! I almost go to bed without posting this lol. Busy day, busy mind apparently.

Ok, well I believe this hasn´t been as hard as I thought it would be. Maybe the reason is that I was already there, I knew for a long time that sugar wasn´t good for me. I´m particularly sensitive to everything so I knew that sugar was doing crazy shit to my system.

I was a smoker and I decided to quit like 6 or 7 months ago. It´s funny how I don´t even count the days anymore. At first it sucked. I was about to kill everyone around me and I would creep on smoking strangers trying to enjoy their – at the time – heavenly cloud of cigarrette smoke.

But eventually, being a non smoker started to get really good. I was saving tons of money and I stopped feeling anxous after eating or before bed or when enjoying a great conversation, which were the situations that made me feel like having a cig. Well I was free of that shit for good. It took it´s time obviously but it finally happened. After 11 years of being a heavy smoker I was finally FREE of that SHIT. I honestly can´t believe it sometimes.

And somehow I´m starting to feel like that too, sugar wise. I don´t know if it´s too early to tell but I´m kinda enjoying this challenge very very much. I´m not getting anxious after every meal which is when I wanted to have something sweet. And I´m cooking more which is something I love!

Well, we´ll see what happens. But so far so cool.

Have a beautiful night, people.





    • Woow! Congrats on the 2 years! It´s no easy task. And thx for reading this 🙂
      And yeah, the body in it´s beautiful totality is affected by sugar: the brain, therefore behaviour, weight issues and of course, the wellbeing of the teeth.
      Thank you 😉

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