I guess you´ve already heard about Brittany Maynard byt now. If you haven´t take a look at the video above. If you don´t want to, she´s a girl that was diagnosed with terminal cancer and decided to end her life this november first at her home.

I want to go beyond judgement, I don´t want to think if she´s right or wrong. I just want to feel very very grateful with life and I want to remind you, as always, that life is all about LIVING THE PRESENT MOMENT.

I want to thank her for reminding me that life is also beyond judgement. Life lies in the stillness of the NOW. Life is all we have right this second, so please, stop focusing your valuable attention on “your problems” or “the problems of humanity” or any kind of problem and start focusing in what you already have, which is life itself. You are a fucking miracle of the universe, man. I mean, you are atoms put together in the most creative and awesome way! And you are alive right now! Focus on what you have and then go from there.

All I can say about this video is that life is a glimpse, you might as well experience it with your eyes wide open.

Have a beautiful night, beautiful people.



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