No added sugar challenge day 4

This is the fourth day of the non added sugar thingy. Today was good. Didin´t have too many cravings , maybe because I had a very busy day, ha.

Anyway, I wanna get really creative so I have healthy food around me at all times. I´ll keep you posted with my inventions. In the mean time, I already boiled a few eggs to keep them in the fridge, I also love stuffed olives so I got me some. I´m discovering I actually love non sweet food which gives me a whole range of options to keep myself on the good track. Oh! and I almost forgot, I took what was left of my baked carrots and put them on the microwave for like 5 minutes. They ended up perfectly crispy and delicious, so now I have a nice healthy treat for myself that´s super cheap and healthy 🙂

Well this is it. Need to go to bed and die.

Have a beautiful night, people!




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