BE the SLOTH, just a reminder

Well all I´m trying to say is that we THINK we KNOW but we just don´t have any idea.

Yes, we THINK we know what´s gonna happen, we may even CREATE in our MINDS several outcomes of any given situation in our lives. But you know what? None of that is true or is going to be true. The universe has infinite possiblities and by worrying all the time with our imaginary ones we block it´s flow. Still the universe is working the way it is supposed to work. And everything is what is is supposed to be. And still you can just stop that pain or void you feel inside. It´s a choice.

Live in the present moment. Plan ahead whenever necessary and then let go and live. Think whenever necessary, learn, and then let go and live. Let the universe do it´s own thing by being you, fully, this moment right now.

So yeah, be the sloth. Be present. Enjoy every second, and why not have a carrot too 😉

Beautiful people, hope you have a beautiful day.



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