No added sugar challenge day 3

Ok, I´m starting to feel it. I don´t eat junk food often but I like to treat myself every once in a while and today I was craving that treat. I didn´t cheat or anything. Instead I treated myself with fruit, I also decided to experiment in the kitchen and I baked some carrots with a little bit of oil and salt, like chips. They were actually quite nice, I just need to remember to leave them a little longer in the oven so they get crispy. The taste was good tho.

Here are some pics

Black seedless grapes
Black seedless grapes
Yumm yumm
Yumm yumm

So far so… so.

We´ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Have a beautiful night people!


P.S. Oh! By the way! If you have recipes of natural, healthy snacks, bring them on! Thx 🙂

photo 2(3)

Bake it baby
Bake it baby

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