You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens

breakingheartI was in the library today because I´m working on my Thesis project to get my Bachelor´s Degree in Dramatic Literature and Theatre. I was reading about world history and then BAM! it hit me!

I have a very beautiful friend back in LA, she would always and I mean ALWAYS bring a cool quote to class. One day she wrote on the blackboard this beautiful quote by Rumi. At first I honestly couldn´t understand it. One of our teachers was like, what´s this? Why does your heart have to break, why does anyone has to suffer so their hearts open up? Well we didn´t get it right away as you can see. The days passed and I think I could grasp a little of it´s meaning and then I let it go.

Well today this beautiful quote came back and it hit me hard. I was reading H.G. Wells´ “A Short History of the World”. He was saying that the evolution of the species could only have a chance when change had an opportunity and this change ussually presented itself in a painful, non comfortable manner. My face was like

noshitIt´s all about change! We can only truly be ourselves when we give ourselves the permission to open up our hearts, to break them open. We will then change into who we really are instead of being the reflection of our culture and it´s expectations. It´s the evolution of human nature into the state of awareness of who we really are.

I like to practice present moment awareness, and today I was really surprised and glad that I got to discover another way to put this process into words. A very interesting choice of words.

Just wanted to share and remind you and myself that this moment is all we have, so live it with peace and love, people.

Happy Saturday!



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