…with food. I just saw the documentary “Fed Up” (2014) and I decided to join the Fed Up Challenge – sugar free for 10 days.

I knew already that sugar is very addictive and not good at all for you, I´ve cut out a lot of added sugar from my diet over the years, but not entirely. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to prove myself and to see what happens if I don´t eat any sugar other than the natural sugar from fruits and veggies for 10 whole days.

Will I die? Will I be able to finish the entire thing? Stick around and see.

In the mean time, just so you know, the image below has all the names that sugar has. Maybe you don´t want to cut out all the sugar from your diet, but at least it would be great if you learn how to identify added sugar from all the products that you consume and give it another thought before eating that shit.

If you want to know more about the movie or the Challenge go to http://www.fedupmovie.com

Wish me luck! Have a beautiful night people!


That bastard has a lot of names!
That bastard has a lot of names!


  1. You can do it. I did it for at least 30 days. Maybe more, I can’t remember. I can’t say it made me not want sugar any less though..haha

    This was back in my Paleo days.

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