This is me between the present moment and all my mind crap


Hello people! Here´s my peaceful reminder of the day 🙂

There are some days when my mind seems to be at ease, I use it only when necessary and the rest of the time I just am. But there are some others when my mind seems like it´s on cocaine plus about to get a sugar overdose, it´s just a little crazy bastard and being present gets really tricky for me.

Well yesterday and today my mind has been like that but I just want to remind you and myself that we can use that. We can use that crazyness to go deeper in the present moment. It´s just a matter of paying attention to that crazyness without reacting to it. Just observe it, feel it but don´t become it, and gradually it will start to dissolve.

And if you still can´t get in the present moment for too long, that´s cool too. Don´t be too harsh on yourself. Just remember that you are not what you think you are, nor your past nor your future, not even the way you look. You are the universe, you are energy and infinite creativity. Countless possibilities lie within ourselves! We just have to let them out and be.

I honestly wish you all a great weekend and a very beautiful day!



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