Wuuuuaaaaaaa! Ninja moves!
Wuuuuaaaaaaa! Ninja moves!

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I´m an actress, and I took a one year Acting for Film workshop at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles (I know) last year. And in Movement class we used to play a game called Ninja. It was fucking cool and we all had a blast playing like kids and stuff. I honestly suck at explaining, well I don´t, but I´m kinda tired, it´s 2:28 am and I just want to cut to the chase. You have to make ninja moves and “kill” you opponent and stuff, and there are a lot of rules, and sometimes you can find yourself in the middle of a pickle and when you think you´re about to loose you get to have one option: to RECONFIGURE and start another ninja move that may save you from the trouble you were in.

Well sometimes I find myself in the middle of a pickle, and I bet you´ve been there too. And sometimes we feel that all is lost. For me it´s getting anoying to get to this point over and over again. And I don´t think that all is lost but I kinda get dissappointed of me for not being where I´d love to be. And I can get into this nonstop mind crap forever. And yeah, it really sucks.

Well it´s ok to take the TIME and SPACE to reconfigure, it´s more than ok, it is necessary sometimes. I used to feel guilty (ohhhh good ol´ guilt, I have a whole book in my head on guilt) for taking time for myself. Sometimes I still do. I ussually think I should be using that time and space for something better and more productive (I have issues with the whole idea of productivity) but then my body, mind and soul can´t take it anymore and then I crash.

Today I crashed a little bit and yeah I feel shitty, but I´m still gonna reconfigure. I´m not gonna let myself die in this game, cause life, my friends, is just a little game. Some of us take it way too seriously, some of us don´t, but still life is a weird fucked up little game. And I still wanna play. I hope you too.

So all I´m saying is that we all have the option to reconfigure. Every second that goes by is a new chance to do things right, to kill it with you ninja moves. It can get frustrating and annoying at times and that´s ok too. Feel it, don´t feed it and then stop and RECONFIGURE.

This game is meant to be played and enjoyed and that´s the prize. There´s no ultimate destination in this game, folks. The destination is the ride itself. Each second is like pure gold, so let´s take that fucking gold and enjoy it guilt free because it is meant to be enjoyed. Take whatever you need to be at your best, to be at peace with yourself and with the universe.

So I wish you all a ninja weekend, filled with peace and ninja love.


Amen to that
Amen to that

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