Thinking a lot doesn’t mean you’re smart


We live in a culture that worships the mind, and even though people may “think” that´s the best way to go I´d say it´s not.

Humanity seems to be addicted to the mind. We are thinking 24/7. It doesn´t matter if you have a PhD or you never went to school, we´re all thinking nonstop and we “think” that´s ok, that´s normal. Well it may be the norm, but it´s not ok.

Our minds are meant to be used as a tool, a very beautiful and powerful one. But instead of using our minds it´s the other way around: our minds are using us. If you “think” this isn´t true, then stop thinking at all for an hour. Ok, maybe that sounds a little bit too much… stop thinking for 5 whole minutes… No? Ok, 1 minute…

Image by Gökhun Güneyhan. You can check out his work here:
Image by Gökhun Güneyhan. You can check out his cool work here:

It´s quite hard, isn´t it? We think in a compulsive, needy way. The worst part besides us not being able to control our own minds is the content of what we think. We are ussually judging and punishing ourselves for not being this or that or we are judging and punishing someone else for not being this or that and this only results in crime, war, poverty, depression, health issues. Not to mention that being used by our minds consumes most of our time, energy and money!

We belive that if someone thinks a lot then he or she is a very smart person. But what are we thinking about? How are we using these thoughts? And most importantly, are we aware that our minds are only a tool and not ourselves? Are we aware that thinking all the time and suffering all the time is not the only way?

You can totally quit if you are a mind junkie. Just live your life in the present moment. Use your mind whenever it is necessary and the rest of your time just be and enjoy the ride.

Happy Sunday everyone!



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