Fuck it up as much as you can!


Yes, it´s ok to plan ahead, just don´t get stuck on that phase forever.

Some people live to plan their lives, and when they finally decide to take action it´s too late. I used to be like that. Sometimes I stay for too long on that stage but then I wake up and remember that life is happening right now.

We plan so we don´t fuck things up. Well I say let´s fuck things up as much as we can. Trust me, you´ll learn more and you will get to your destination faster. It may not feel good at the moment but then you´ll realize you learned something and that´s pure gold. So take that gold and use it again and again and again. Believe me, you´ll get there, just have fun on the way.

Have a beautiful Friday, people.

Thank you.



  1. It’s a balance right? We don’t want to plan so much we never do, but we don’t want to do without ANY planning. The key IMO is to plan enough to put the odds in your favor, but not so much that those odds are 100% (because that never really happens!)

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