Getting carried away with fashion marketing

Nice pic! Found on
Nice pic! Found on

So I was doing some morning reading to get some inspiration and I found a video from Youtube channel “JustBoobs Sketch” posted in called Thigh Gap Jeans. It made me laugh my ass off and decided I´d share it with u.

But it also made me think about how both men and women get carried away by not just fashion marketing, but all marketing in general. Companies have to make a profit and have to sell their products at any cost, well, let them. It´s you as the buyer, as the receiver of that message that have the power to decide wether to listen or not.

We already know that but we´re just to scared to believe it. Well, let me just remind you that wether you have a thigh gap or not you´re still a beautiful human being. And instead of wasting your time looking for a thigh gap or bigger boobs or a six pack or whatever, look inside yourself and express whatever it is that you have found. Be bold and dress the way YOU REALLY FEEL LIKE, it doesn´t matter if you´re scared of what people may think. I believe it´s always cooler being true to oneself than trying to fit in a space that´s never gonna be right for you. This is how fashion statements were born anyway, someone dared and the rest followed.

Well today I say lets dare and let the rest follow.

Have a beautiful day!


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