One moment at a time

What if we lived moment by moment?


What if we payed our complete attention to the now?


What if we gave ourselves the permission to just BE?


What could possibly happen if we shut our minds off, it doesn´t matter for how long and just be still?


What if we could taste, feel, be life with all our being?


What if we could live life on a constant state of peace?


What if we could know and learn and still be intelligent entities without depending on our minds?


What if we could be FREE of all our needs and compulsions and dependencies and live in harmony with the universe, with ourselves?


What if you realize that YOU ARE the UNIVERSE, we´re all made of the same stuff, we´re all atoms and energy, that there´s no real separation between us?


What would happen to the human race if we only knew that we actually CAN do all that and still function in the world as “normal” human beings, that we don´t need to become monks in order to achieve peace, that we can do that NOW?





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