Fear, fear, fear…

DSC07271Yup. I´m talking about fear again.

The thing is I just discovered fear is the engine of almost every human being on this planet. Fear of being ridiculous, stupid, different, fat, thin, orange, black, white, you name it. What if someone thinks I´m this or that, what if…

Well, I decided I´m not living a life based on fear. I just want to be me and that means stop paying attention to what society may think of me or my decisions. I decided to stop avoiding ridiculousness or stupidity because that´s just a real WASTE of time and energy. I realized that we live like that, wasting our energy avoiding shit. That´s the real stupidity and ridiculousness of the way of life humans invented.

So I´m walking through this fear that´s ultimately just a very realistic illusion, trying to remain conscious all the time of this dream and not get carried away by it. And maybe I´ll finally discover the real engine that keeps me going, something that´s inside all of us but don´t realize because we´re so busy trying to please others.

So… shall we?


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